Get To Know Us:

Alachua's finest Bookkeeping & Tax Service is here to assist you! Located in historical downtown Alachua, Bookkeeping & Tax Service has years of experience to help you navigate the complex modern financial & tax laws.

Focus on Your Business:

Let's face it - when you dreamed of running your own business, you weren't thinking of paperwork, paying bills, reading financial reports, managing payroll, and keeping up with ever-changing tax laws. Let us handle the paperwork - you do your life's work.

Are You Giving Yourself Enough Breaks?:

If you're an individual doing your taxes on your own, you may be fitting it in around things you'd rather be doing. You may wonder if you're doing it right, or getting the best possible refund. We can give you peace of mind on both accounts - so you can get back to your life.

With Us, You're a Person, Not a Number:

We take the time to get to know all of our clients. You're not just a name in a database. When you call, a real person will answer - not a call center.

No Risk, No Obligation:

We guarantee our work, and offer free consultations. Call today to schedule an appointment - we'll put a pot of coffee on for you.